RPG One Shot: Barovia's Winter Solstice (Dec 18th / 3pm)

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DND One Shot Adventure W/ DM Nate

Ages 18+

System: 5e

Jolliness is Mandatory

Lord Strahd Von Zarovavitch is seeking adventurers for a mission of dire importance. It appears the snowy winds coming down from Mount Baratok have brought some strange creature from another land to Barovia to take away the great great granddaughter of Madam Eva, the matriarch of the Vistani people. Due to centuries old promises Lord Strahd is unable to allow harm to come to the Vistani. Now these unlikely heroes must try to solve the mystery of who this strange visitor is. And where has this child been taken too. Riches of unknown proportions to any who are able to return the child to her grandmother before the rise of the full moon.

Level 5 adventurers need only apply here...

Instore Play Only. 

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