Pathfinder: Battles - Thieves Guild

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Every criminal gang needs a place to call home, be it to train their larcenous skills or hide out from the law. With Thieves Guild, your scoundrels and burglars gain a wide range of furnishings to decorate their hidden hideout, be it tables strewn with stolen loot, training dummies to practice their skills, or a sinister altar to the God of Thieves! This fantastic set is perfect for any Pathfinder game that involves the shady side of the law!


1 Card Table
2 Chairs
2 Altar Braziers
1 Trapdoor
1 Thieves Weapon Rack
1 Combat Training Dummy
1 Pickpocket Training Dummy
1 Norgorber Altar
1 Altar Corpse Pile 1
1 Altar Corpse Pile 2
1 Archery/Thrown Dagger Target
1 Thieves' Tools
1 Training chest
1 Training Door
1 Loot Sack
1 Loot Table
2 Button Cell Batteries (3V CR1616)

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