Monsterpocalypse: Monster Expansion - Mogroth

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Pulled from some horrible realm of darkness, the Lords of Cthul strike terror in the defenders of the planet. Among their cryptic ranks is Mogroth, a gruesome monster with mastery over the arcane arts of divination. Each of its eye stalks sees from a different angle—not just physical angles but metaphysical and temporal ones as well. It can see through and around anything within its range. Nothing can hope to escape the attention of this Lord of Cthul.

Mogroth acts as a support monster empowering blast attacks when it joins any Destroyer force. It can uncover all with its potent Divinations, and each of its eyes can unleash destructive blasts in Rapid Fire. It is inevitable that those blasts will reach their targets, given Mogroth’s arcane-enhanced accuracy. Each time they do, those blasts will Siphon the energy of the target, serving to further empower Mogroth.

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