Magic the Gathering: Theros Booster Box




  • EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION: The Theros Beyond Death booster box includes 36 booster packs containing 15 cards each (540 cards in total).
  • NEW MECHANIC - ESCAPE: In Theros, the underworld can’t be contained and creatures that have left the battlefield can be brought back using the escape keyword.
  • RETURNING MECHANIC - DEVOTION: The Gods of Theros love to be worshipped by their followers and the devotion mechanic means the number of mana symbols of that colour among permanents you control increases your power or toughness
  • REDISCOVER SAGAS: Sagas tell epic stories, one chapter at a time. Each chapter has an associated effect that triggers an ability over the course of several turns
  • FULL ART NYX BASIC LANDS: Each pack includes a full art basic land with a stunning illustration of Nyx, the celestial land of night in Theros.
  • HOST A BOOSTER DRAFT EVENT: This box contains enough boosters to host your own booster draft event with friends. Add basic lands and then you're ready to start building decks and playing.
  • BATTLE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD: With legendary Gods and destined heroes, Theros Beyond Death spins Greek Mythology in the world of Magic: The Gathering.

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