Killer Bunnies Quest Lite

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Killer Bunnies is a fast paced, action filled and hilarious card game in which your goal is to keep as many of your bunnies alive as possible while eliminating your opponents' bunnies! Arm yourself with all sorts of wacky weapons and get into some vengeful, horribly nasty, hilariously messy fun!

You've seen Blue, Yellow, Red, Violet, and so many other colors, flavors and things, but this Killer Bunnies Lite edition is where it all begins. After over 15 years of booster sets, this new set will quickly launch you into the delightful but dangerous world of Killer Bunnies.

In this Lite edition, enjoy a quick pick up with easy-to-learn mechanics, new references, and the same great sense of humor that the original Killer Bunnies series is known and loved for. This is a great set to introduce friends and family to the world of Killer Bunnies!

-110 Large Cards
-10 Small Cards
-(1) 12-sided Black Die

-For Ages 13 +
-2-8 Players
-45 Minutes

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