Keyforge: Dark Tidings 2-Player

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  • UNIQUE DECK CARD GAME: Each Keyforge deck you open is uniquely yours. From the name of the deck to the cards that make it up, every Keyforge deck is one of a kind.
  • PERFECT FOR VETERAN GAMERS, ACCESSABLE FOR NEW PLAYERS: Veteran card duelers will love the strategic depth Keforge offers, while new players can get into the game without being intimidated by complicated deck construction.
  • NEW CREATURES EMERGE FROM THE DEPTHS: A brand-new House—the Unfathomable—bursts onto the scene, uniting the mysterious Aquans with toothy horrors from deep beneath the Crucible’s oceans.
  • THE TIDES OF BATTLE SHIFT WITH THE OCEAN: Every House takes advantage of the shifting tides with the introduction of a new Tide Card, marking high tide and low tide, that is included in every deck.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: Keyforge is a dueling card game for 2 players. Most games of Keyforge take about 45 minutes.

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