Gamegen!c - Prime Double Sleeving Pack: Black




• The perfect all-in-one pack for double-sleeving your deck
• Extra-high clarity for genuine visual quality
• Additional protection: sleeve-within-sleeve
• Durable sleeves prevent bent corners, scratches, and damages from shuffling
• Prime Sleeve: Finely structured back side avoids slipping deck staples
• Prime Sleeve: Fully opaque for tournaments
• Inner Sleeve: Exact fit for standard sized gaming cards up to 63 x 88 mm
• Great shuffle-feel
• Acid-free, no PVC
• 2x 80 sleeves per pack (80 Prime Sleeves + 80 Inner Sleeves)
• 50 sleeves per pack

Prime Sleeve Size: 66mm x 91mm
Inner Sleeve Size: 64mm x 89mm
Card Size: up to 63mm x 88mm
Material: Polypropylene

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