Dragon Ball Super: 07 Assault of the Saiyans - Booster Pack

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Introducing the new block!

A massive new block is formed from Series 7 to 9, filled with exciting new skills for players to master! Amazing battles await! Dragon Ball fans are going to love the new theme and new players will be welcomed as the new theme makes it easy for them to get started! Stay tuned for announcements!


  • Common: 60 types(Normal or foil ver.),
  • Uncommon: 30 types(Normal or foil ver.)
  • Rare: 18 types
  • Super Rare: 16 types
  • Secret Rare: 2 type
  • Special Rare: 10 types
  • Campaign Rare: 4 types

As a bonus, all booster boxes include a promo card. (*1 type)

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