Copy of Vallejo: Game Color Opaque: Heavy Warmygrey (17ml)

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Heavy Grey - Extra OpaqueVallejo PaintsExtra Opaque Game Color Is a highly pigmented acrylic paint formulated to provide an especially mat and opaque coating which covers all primers and supports in one application.This range has beenespecially developed to contain all the frequentlyused colours in fantasy figures, in a formula particularly designed for adherence on plastics and metals, using a new resin of unequalled durability and resistance to scrapes and abrasion.Colours brush on easily and smoothly, and dry to an opaque, matte finish. Their finely ground texture makes them perfect for the most miniature details as well as for large surfaces. They are highly pigmented, light fast and waterproof once dry. Errorscan be corrected immediately with water or a small amount of alcohol.

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