RPG One Shot: Krampus Reigns (Dec 18th / 3pm)

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DND One Shot Adventure W/ DM Grant

System: 5th Edition

Ms. Claus goes into her husbands study one cold winter night to check and see how many children have been naughty or nice this past year. Too here shock she finds the nice list empty... not a single name on the endless parchment scroll. Did Santa forget? Was the list misplaced? She rushes over to check the naughty list and sees but a single word scribed in thick red ink over and over....


Ever since that fateful day the Santa of old is no more... transformed into the demon lord Krampus through centuries of watching the good spoil and their souls go rotten he now roams the world trapping towns and all who reside there one by one. For no one is truly "nice" and he will not be stopped in his crusade to prove that fact. It is in one such town our band of marry adventurers find themselves having answered a plea for help from a skeletal necromancer and his corpse bride to save their daughter from this fate! Will they be able to put a stop to this nightmare before Christmas?

Level 5 adventurers need only apply here...

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