40k: Fabius Bile

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  • THEME: Clonefather, Primogenitor, Spider, Fabius Bile has labored under many epithets during his long and wicked life, but none truly convey the unrepentant evil of this heretic crypto-scientist. A twister of flesh and a sculptor of nightmares, Fabius Bile is one of the most abominable renegades to blight the Emperor's realm
  • 21-PIECE KIT: This 21-piece kit creates a Fabius Bile and a Surgeon Acolyte. It comes supplied with a 40mm Citadel round base and a 32mm Citadel round base. Rules for using Fabius and his Surgeon Acolyte can be found in Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider
  • SURGEON ACOLYTE: He can be accompanied by a Surgeon Acolyte, who assists him in his twisted work
  • EXCELLENT PROJECT: This pair makes an excellent modeling or painting project and is an excellent addition to a Chaos Space Marines army

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