BattleTech: Miniature Force Pack - Clan Striker Star

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Even the largest engagements are often won by small-scale knife fights and hit-and-run tactics. The Striker Star is the perfect amalgam of high speed, high maneuverability, and just enough punch to make the difference.

Unleash the 
Clan Striker Star on your enemies! Vapor Eagle, Conjurer, Horned Owl, Incubus, and Piranha (no assembly required) along with five MechWarrior pilot cards and five Alpha Strike cards.

5 Miniatures
  ‣ Vapor Eagle
  ‣ Conjurer
  ‣ Horned Owl
  ‣ Incubus
  ‣ Piranha
5 MechWarrior Cards
5 Alpha Strike Cards

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