Arkham Horror TCG: At the Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion

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In the far, uncharted reaches of the Earth, there dwell unspeakable things-ancient nameless beings whose very existence tear at the fabric of reality. But there are those who would stand against such horrors for the good of all humanity...or perhaps for a quick profit.

This expansion introduces five new investigators and a wealth of new player cards and customization options to the game, including new multi-class cards. Stand toe-to-toe with the toughest of foes as the mechanic, Daniela Reyes; read the stars as the astronomer, Norman Withers; seek out a fortune as the archaeologist, Monterey Jack; fulfill an ultimate destiny as the martial artist, Lily Chen; and wheel and deal as the salesman, Bob Jenkins.

The Edge of the Earth Investigator expansion can be used to build or enhance investigator decks for any Arkham Horror: The Card Game scenario or campaign.

A new investigator expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game-a new type of product that contains a wealth of player cards.

Five new investigators inviteplayers to begin a newadventure, including fanfavorites Lily Chen and Monterey Jack.

Over 200 new player cards bring a vast influx of new options to any deck.

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