AOS: Aether War

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  • New Battlebox!
  • This set contains a vast array of Kharadron Overlords and Disciples of Tzeentch models, including two new champions available for the first time in this set!
  • The Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit is ideal for accompanying your Endrinriggers into battle and keeping pace with the ships he’s assigned to repair
  • Magister on Disc of Tzeentch allows you to flit around the battlefield zapping enemies into Chaos Spawn.

This box contains a 40 page Aether War book, a core rules booklet, a token sheet, 8 warscroll cards, 6 hidden agenda cards, and the following plastic miniatures: 1 Magister on Disc of Tzeentch, 3 Tzeentch Enlightened, 3 Tzaangor Skyfires, 3 Screamers of Tzeentch, 1 Endrinmaster with Dirigible Warsuit, 3 Endrinriggers, 3 Skywardens, and 1 Grundstok Gunhauler.Models come unpainted. Some assembly may be required. Glue, paints, and supplies sold separately.

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