40K: Space Marines Primaris Aggressors

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  • This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble a 3-man Primaris Aggressor Squad. Extremely heavily armoured, their silhouette is wider and chunkier than most Primaris Space Marines, due in no small part to the choice of auto boltstorm gauntlets or flamestorm gauntlets. There are three sets of each, with every weapon featuring pipes or belts that are fed from the enormous backpack. One set of flamestorm gauntlets features retracted barrels, as in close combat fists speak louder than flames… Should you choose the boltstorm gauntlets, the Aggressors can also take a fragstorm grenade launcher.
  • You have the option of assembling 3 Aggressors or 2 Aggressors and a Sergeant; a host of options are available either way. There are 6 heads for the standard Aggressors, with respirators on the mask of those using flamestorm gauntlets, and 2 more specific heads for the Sergeant. The flamestorm-wielding Aggressors have their own shoulder pads, featuring larger blast shielding to protect them from the immense operating temperatures of their weapons. Also included are reliquaries and purity seals, with special examples for Sergeants featuring extra skulls.
  • The Primaris Aggressors come as 107 components, and are supplied with 3 Citadel 40mm Round bases.

-An Aggressor, who is usually a member of an Aggressor Squad, is an Astartes fire support specialist unique to formations of Primaris Space Marines.

Aggressors are tasked with close-range fire support and have been outfitted with modified suits of Mark X Gravis Power Armour refitted to carry a shoulder-mounted Fragstorm Grenade Launcher.

They also wield Flamestorm Gauntlets that unleash blazing streams of Promethium upon any foes that get in close -- or can be used to wade into the mobs of the enemy and unleash an inferno that burns them all to ash.

The Space Marines in a Chapter's fire support squads have a vital role, for they provide covering fire to their battleline and close support brethren. This could be in the form of assassination of prime targets, counter-battery volleys, or the destruction of enemy armour. By their target selection, marksmanship, and the timely application of firepower are countless battles won.

Clad in heavy Mark X Gravis battle-plate, Aggressor Squads advance upon the foe as walking fortresses of ceramite. Each member is equipped with a pair of Boltstorm Gauntlets, meaning an Aggressor Squad can lay down a hail of bolt fire.

Aided by back-mounted Grenade Launchers, an Aggressor Squad can wade into oncoming enemies, mowing a bloody path through even the largest of hordes. Should a foe actually have enough bodies to sacrifice so that living members can finally reach the source of the onslaught, they are met by Space Marines swinging paired Power Fists. Very few live to tell the tale.

More mobile than the heavily armoured Centurions due to their sophisticated Gravis armour, Aggressors are better able to negotiate rough ground. This makes them a more versatile troop type; while they are often employed in specific circumstances or on certain terrain, Aggressor Squads are also used as reserves to plug breaches in gun lines or to spearhead an advance.

In dense environments, such as within a hive city or under the canopy of a forested area, Devastator Squads would find their long-ranged weapons of little value. Such terrain suits Aggressor Squads to a tee, however, as they are perfectly suited to firing on the move. The range of their weaponry is not long, but when they get close enough to open fire, the result is a sweeping fusillade of large-calibre Bolter shells that can shatter enemy charges.

For especially dense terrain, or when facing foes that cover the ground in great number, Aggressor Squads will wear paired Flamestorm Gauntlets. When equipped this way, their armour's raised shoulder guards protect against the inevitable flame backwash as they stride forward, their arms sending sweeping arcs of fire billowing out.

Fire flickers like a hellish wreath about their armour as the Aggressor Squad advances, their weapon barrels glowing like embers in the smoking gloom. Ork hordes and Tyranid swarms alike are incinerated, their brittle and blackened bones crackling to dust underneath the tread of the Aggressors as they march straight into where the fighting is thickest. Some have said the Aggressors live for such moments, and dwell over-long upon them.

Since being introduced during the Ultima Founding and Roboute Guilliman's reworking of the Codex Astartes after his resurrection in 999.M41, the Aggressor Squads have proven themselves as a devastating force many times over.

The Iron Hands were quickly converted after they witnessed an Aggressor Squad attached to their 2nd Company wade into a sea of Greenskins, their blazing guns stitching patterns of death that riddled mob after mob with fist-sized holes. The Black Templars, ever eager to advance upon the foe rather than sit back and shoot, have had great success fielding Aggressor Squads alongside their Crusader Squads.

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