40K: Space Marine Primaris Eliminators




Eliminators are Vanguard Primaris Space Marine snipers that utilize a range of exotic and deadly ammunition tailored to their target.

Eliminator Squads utilize an even more stripped-down version of the Mk.X Phobos Armour, allowing them to operate with maximum stealth. These warriors serve as dedicated marksman and fire support specialists that haunt the shadows of the battlefield seeking out targets of opportunity and bringing them down from a range. Their primary armament is the Mk.III Shrike Pattern Bolt Sniper Rifle, Las Fusil, or Instigator Bolt Carbine.

The optical sights of this weapon can be tailored for any situation, from thermoscopic vision to precision auspex scans that can penetrate several feet of solid matter. Once locked on to, there is nowhere for an Eliminator's prey to hide. Each member of the squad carries spare magazines filled with special ammunition, tailored for every eventually. Hyperfrag rounds detonate in a shower of shrapnel, Executioner rounds are sophisticated self-guided missiles slaved to a miniaturized cogitator that can seek their target from behind cover, while mortis rounds spew self-replicating mutagenic toxins into the flesh of a target.

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