40k - Kill Team - Octarius

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  • The perfect way to get started with the new edition of Kill Team
  • Contains 23 brand new miniatures forming two complete kill teams, plus the rules, scenery, dice, and other accessories required to play the game
  • Includes the full Kill Team Core Book for the new edition, and the Octarius War Manual book containing rules, lore, and scenarios for the included kill teams
  • Contains 17 new terrain pieces including ruins, platforms, and scattered refuse for creating your own ramshackle Ork shanty town.
  • Contains 3 combat gauges that feather the new system's sympbols and are perfect for narrow gaps where regular tape measure would be too cumbersome
  • Get straight into the game with a double-sided game mat, two decks of 27 Tactical Ops cards, and 10 dice.

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