40K: Craftworlds - Guardians

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  • Guardians are primarily a defence force, employed when a craftworld becomes under threat or in battle where the Aspect Warriors are not numerous enough to overcome the enemy. Armed with shuriken catapults and heavy weapon platforms, they can unleash a deadly hail of fire.
  • This box set contains eight multi-part plastic Aeldari Guardians armed with shuriken catapults, and a heavy weapon platform with two crew members. This set contains all of the parts needed to assemble the heavy weapon platform with either: a bright lance, a missile launcher, a scatter laser, a starcannon or shuriken cannon. Models supplied with ten 25mm round bases and one 40mm round base.

-A Guardian is one of the militia infantry of the Aeldari craftworlds who serve multiple tactical roles as needed in the defence of their homes.

In times of peace the Guardians pursue their normal civilian roles. All adult Asuryani, however, are trained in the arts of warfare and can be called to arms if their craftworld is threatened.

It is a painful irony that, in the Aeldari species' endless quest for survival, the very civilians the warhosts fight to protect are all too often forced to take up arms. Every Aeldari is trained and ready to fight as a Guardian if need be.

On some craftworlds, Ulthwé foremost amongst them, the Guardians are the most common of all Aeldari warriors. As the number of dedicated, professional Aeldari troops -- the Aspect Warriors -- in a craftworld are simply too few to meet all threats, those Aeldari dedicated to a civilian Asuryani Path serve as Guardians in battle, forming the bulk of the Craftworlder Aeldari armies.

Guardians are also called upon to pilot and crew the majority of the Aeldari's many war machines, providing vital armoured support and transportation for the warhost in battle.

Guardian forces consist of two main types; the tactically flexible Guardian Defenders, and the more assault-oriented Storm Guardians. Both are equipped with Aeldari Mesh Armour.

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