40K: Chaos Space Marines Heldrake

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Ten Thousand years ago, Warmaster Horus fell to the dark forces of Chaos, taking with him eight other Primarchs whose legions joined him in the great Heresy which would change the fate of the galaxy forever. The forces of the Chaos Space Marines have since taken refuge in the Eye of Terror, from which they launch their campaigns of destruction upon, waging war on a vast scale in the name of the Chaos Gods.

The mysterious powers of the Eye of Terror have fused living flesh with mechanical devices - Marines of the traitor legions are a twisted hybrid of man and machine - and though they still use the same armour and weaponry as loyalist marines, their equipment is often redesigned or reconfigured, covered in the icons of their dark leaders to show their allegiance to the Dark Gods.

The Heldrake is a huge monstrous mechanical flying creature which preys upon both troops and vehicles alike. With a pair of huge claws ready to grab at enemy units, the Heldrake uses surprise tactics to swoop down from the skies and deliver enemy troops to their doom.

The Heldrake may be armed with either anti-armour guns to tackle other flyers or anti-troop weapons to burn away their target. It is sure to send wave upon wave of fresh sacrifices to the dark gods.

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